Excellence in Sustainability

Excellence in Sustainability

This award recognises the organisation working in Ireland’s construction industry that can best demonstrate a commitment to sustainability. This can be through a reduced carbon footprint, a change process within the organisation, a new partnership that demonstrates tangible evidence of environmental benefit or the use of energy saving products and methods.

Entry is by a 5 A4 page submission; the judges will be looking for clear information backed up by facts that pays particular attention to the criteria listed below.

  • Initiative outline: Describe the sustainability efforts in place within your organisation. Do you have any accreditation, benchmarking, or external validation?

  • Commitment: What commitment has been made to staff training and communication of the initiative? What is the level of senior management buy in? Does it form a central part of the culture?

  • Sustainable Materials: Describe the efforts your organisation has made to source local, Irish and sustainable products and services.

  • Energy: Describe the steps your organisation has taken to improve energy efficiency, increase use of renewables and/or reduce emissions (direct and indirect). Include measurable results and year-on-year statistics, where possible.

  • Waste: Describe the steps taken to reduce waste (including water) within your organisation. Have you demonstrated a reduction of waste landfill materials and the recycling of materials and resources? Include measurable results and year-on-year statistics, where possible.

  • Outcomes & results: What have been the practical benefits of the initiative? Show measurable outcomes, with comparisons to previous years where possible.

  • Supporting Statements: Please include any other statements or facts that support your entry.

  1. Visit our 'HOW TO ENTER' page for our Items Checklist & Step-by-Step Guide.

  2. Once you have created your PDF submission and you have all items in the Items Checklist, submit your entry via the ONLINE ENTRY FORM.