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Project Management Firm of the Year

Project Management Firm of the Year

This award recognises the most outstanding project and construction management firm in Ireland over the past 12 months. The judges will be looking for skilled delivery and exemplary practice that demonstrates the ability to deliver world class outcomes on a variety of projects.

Entry is by a 5 A4 page submission; the judges will be looking for clear information backed up by facts and photos illustrating your points that pays particular attention to the criteria listed below.

  • Organisation background: Please provide a brief description of the organisation such as when it was established, the number of employees, services provided, and relevant industry achievements and accreditations.

  • Outstanding projects: Please provide a brief description of significant projects or initiatives that have been undertaken over the past 12 months, including costs, timeline, project team, the challenges faced and overcome, and why you think the projects were exceptional.

  • Operational Excellence: Please outline steps taken by your organisation to boost operational performance. Outline the effects of effective procurement where relevant. Please also include any challenges posed to your operations and how they were overcome.

  • Innovation: Does your company employ innovative uses of material and/or methods? Provide examples where relevant.

  • Client satisfaction: Do you have positive relationship with your clients? Do you deliver quality projects within time? Do you provide value for money? Detail specific examples of when you went beyond the project brief to deliver outstanding service to your clients.

  • Health & Safety: Provide a background of the Health and Safety initiatives in place. Explain how they have given rise to a substantial positive change.

Petruf Consulting
  1. Visit our 'How to Enter' page for our Items Checklist & Step-by-Step Guide. CLICK HERE.

  2. Once you have created your PDF submission and you have all items in the Items Checklist, submit your entry via the Online Entry Form. CLICK HERE.


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