Cathal O'Donnell

Cathal O'Donnell

BIM Implementation Lead, Linesight

Cathal has spent his entire adult life in construction, from starting off painting with his father to working his way through the design disciplines to eventually managing BIM teams from the prospective of the main contraction and now moving on to Implementing BIM within an international company.

As BIM Implementation Lead at Linesight he has put forward new and efficient work process based on the new digital economy. Using a collaborative approach and by fostering information rich model content he has set out the companies digital aspirations and aims for the future.

Previously as a BIM Manager with Stewart Construction one of the top-tier main contractors in Ireland , Cathal has had the pleasure and fortitude to help shape the ongoing BIM base approaches to the construction industry in Ireland.

He was also formally employed with Dominic O’Connor’s Ltd (Mechanical Contractor / Lead Coordinator) as a BIM Implementation manager / Coordinator.

Having lectured in BIM at TU Dublin (formerly DIT) and supported students in implementation of BIM projects as part of a module he developed it has helped him develop industry lead requirements in an academic setting, fostering growth to meet the modern digital needs for the construction industry.

BIM in Ireland is still undergoing a progressive change as it is adopted into the mainstream of day-to-day construction practices, from pre-design to life-cycle management. It is in Cathal’s scope to further invest his knowledge and experience to drive the digital based approaches that BIM is so adept at achieving.

Cathal wishes the best of luck to all this year’s finalists.

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