Lean Construction Achievement Award


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The Lean Construction Achievement Award recognises the organisation operating in Ireland’s construction industry who has demonstrated outstanding contributions to advancing lean principles within their operation. The judges will be looking for evidence of innovative practices and approaches to project delivery that promote efficiency, reduce waste, and increase value for stakeholders.

Entry is by a 5-page A4 PDF submission; the judges will be looking for a clear plan and evidence that it is delivering on core objectives, paying attention to the criteria listed below.

  • Innovative Lean Practices: Please demonstrate how you have developed and implemented innovative Lean practices that have positively impacted the construction industry. This may include developing new approaches to project delivery, introducing Lean thinking into design and construction processes, or implementing technology to support Lean construction.
  • Impact: Please demonstrate a measurable impact on the construction industry through their Lean practices. This may include improved project delivery times, increased quality of work, reduced waste, and improved safety outcomes.
  • Collaboration: Please demonstrate a commitment to collaboration and teamwork in implementing Lean practices. This may include working closely with other stakeholders (e.g., owners, designers, contractors, and subcontractors) to improve project outcomes.
  • Leadership: Please demonstrate leadership in advancing Lean principles in the construction industry. This may include promoting the adoption of Lean practices across organisations, advocating for the use of Lean in industry associations, or providing education and training on Lean construction principles
  • Continuous Improvement: Please demonstrate a commitment to continuous improvement in Lean practices. This may include measuring and analysing the impact of Lean practices on project outcomes, identifying areas for improvement, and implementing changes to further advance Lean construction principles.