The Irish Construction Industry Awards presents an opportunity for your work to be evaluated by industry experts, garner recognition from your peers, benchmark against competitors, and draw in new clients, customers, and top talent to your organisation. See what others have to say.

Conor McMahon

Contracts Manager, Flynn

We were over the moon. It was a huge achievement for us. We’re absolutely delighted!

Thomas Duignan

Operations Director, INSTROTEC

We were absolutely thrilled! We came in here with stiff competition and to win the award was fantastic. The buzz you get when you get announced was fantastic.

David Duggan

Joint Managing Director, Duggan Brothers

We’ve had a tremendous night tonight. We’ve won three awards with five nominations, three awards and we’re just so proud to get the recognition in the industry.

Richard O’Farrell

Managing Director EDC

We’re thrilled, absolutely thrilled! Look, it’s great. We’re twenty years in business, it’s a great recognition of what we’re at. Absolutely fantastic!

David Lee

Collen Construction

We were absolutely thrilled to receive this award, as it recognises the dedication and expertise of our entire team. It’s a testament to the pursuit of excellence in our construction projects.

Paul Carty

JJ Rhatigan & Company, Contractor of the Year

Winning an award like this is obviously very exciting: it raises our awareness of entering competitions such as this. This year has been a very successful year for JJ Rhatigan and we’re very proud of our achievements.

Timothy Bouchier-Hayes

Construction Industry Leader 2018

More recently you’ve seen the economy grow again and come back from a really difficult position out of the recession. One doesn’t like to use the word ‘boom’ but actually moving not universally but moving very much in the right direction and I think more under control than previously so that you can see a path forward from commercial development into housing, residential to hotels and so on, I’d be positive about the industry going forward.

Alan Bateson

Managing Director, Volkswagen Commercial Vehicles Ireland

With close to 700 people here tonight from a key industry that supports our business, it’s really important for us to network with these people and support these awards. Volkswagen Commercial Vehicles prides itself on trying to give the best solutions, the awards here tonight are for Irish construction business that try and give the best solutions to the customers around Ireland and we’re delighted to be associated with them.

Cillian Kelly, John Sisk & Son

BIM Initiative of the Year

This is the fourth year we’ve gone for this BIM initiative award, so were very happy to achieve this award. It sets a goal and it sets an aim to work towards to get recognition for the hard work the team is doing.

David Lee, Collen Construction

Commercial Project of the Year – Large

It’s a good idea for the industry because you see what other people are doing, you see what other companies you’re up against and it’s a good social night of the year: you get to see people you wouldn’t see every other night of the week.

Donal Hennessy, Collen Construction

Retail Project of the Year

I was absolutely amazed, and we were very surprised and very pleased to take the award on behalf of the company. It was a great feeling.

Tim Gillen, IN2 Engineering Design Partnership

Consultancy of the Year

First and foremost, it’s affirmation of the good work the team and company as a whole does. It’s also a great accolade in a room full of your peers just to get that recognition and obviously it keeps you top of the mind of the people you potentially want to work with.

Emma O’Gorman Wall

Director, Crown Roofing

We sponsored the awards last year and it was very very successful for us. It really got our name out there again, so we wanted to come back and do it again this year. At Crown Roofing & Cladding we specialise in data centres not only for Ireland but also across Europe, so tonight was an excellent opportunity to network with the people we want to do business with. Tonight, at the Irish Construction Industry Awards, it was very inspiring: there was so much innovation and it’s really exciting and we can see that at least the next ten years is going to be extremely busy for the construction industry.

Andrew Treacy

Managing Director, Versatile Heating, Cooling & Ventilation

This has been a great evening, really enjoyable, delighted to be involved in this event. This platform in a relaxed atmosphere gives us a chance to meet up with our friends who are our customers and have an informal conversation which is nicer then a hard sell situation at a trade show.

Michael Moriarty

Director, 3D Personnel

You really need to know your client I suppose and at 3D Personnel we’re all about building the brand and we work with our client on a day-to-day basis and building strong relationships is really what pushes us on as a company. So, a night like tonight is absolutely fantastic that we actually get in the same room as all these people. A great night was had all around and hopefully plenty (of) good relationships on into the future.